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As the owner of a block of flats, you have certain obligations to your tenants. You are also faced with a unique series of risks and challenges. While standard property insurance policies might not cover these risks, a dedicated block of flats insurance policy can.

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Do you need block of flats insurance?

If you own a block of flats, you should look for this dedicated insurance product. This applies to anyone who lets out the flats, so third-party landlords and letting agents may also need some level of apartment block insurance. Even if the flat residents own their own homes, the block itself is usually owned by a company or individual – and they need to be protected.

What does a block of flats insurance policy cover?

Block of flats insurance is designed to protect block owners from the financial damage. They also help to provide alternative accommodation for tenants where necessary. Most standard insurance policies will include:

  • Accidental damage
  • Criminal damage and theft
  • Periods without occupants
  • Missed rent payments
  • Fire and flood damage

Additional property needs can be addressed by a non-standard property policy, and public liability insurance is also suggested. Keep yourself safe and protect your assets too.

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