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If you need insurance for your hotel or B&B, compare policies online now through The insurance comparison tool will show you policies from leading insurers that match your requirements. This makes it easier than ever for you to shop around and secure a great deal. Try it for yourself right now – just complete the online form to see your quotes.

Why take out specific hotels and guest house insurance?

As the proprietor of a hotel or guest house, you are exposed to a whole load of financial and legal risks. In order to protect yourself, your business and your property, it is vital that you take out comprehensive insurance specially designed to support your industry. Hotels and guest house insurance includes several insurance products bundled together, covering the owner and manager against all manner of risks and problems.

Who needs hotels and guest house insurance?

Though the main customers for this product are obviously hotels and guest houses, other kinds of holiday let business can also benefit from having dedicated insurance cover.

These include:

  • Holiday homes
  • Chalets and static caravans
  • Serviced campsites (glamping)
  • Airbnb and private property rentals

Having the right level of insurance cover is your guarantee that whatever happens, your assets and finances are safe. The holiday accommodation business is a popular and profitable one, but there is room for problems to occur. Hotels and guest house insurance, plus comprehensive public liability policies, protect hotel owners against any legal or financial penalties.

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To search among hundreds of leading insurers and have the right deals handpicked for you, use the comparison service now. Complete the online form and they will tailor your results to match your own search criteria. Finding insurance cover for your holiday business couldn’t be easier. See for yourself: use and search for hotel insurance deals now.

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