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When comparing limo insurance quotes online, it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

Limousine insurance is often more complex to arrange than standard car insurance. Most drivers don’t need Public Liability insurance but commercial limousine firms do. As well as Breakdown Recovery insurance, limo drivers also benefit from Replacement Vehicle insurance.

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Drivers who take bookings for parties may also want to insure against internal damage as well as general vehicle damage.

Most limo insurance policies include passenger insurance as standard. However, you should check that your chosen quote has passenger insurance if you need it.

Some policies also include Public Liability and Employers’ Liability. Again, as you compare limo insurance, make sure your chosen policy offers everything you need.

Before you fill in this form and begin comparing, make a list of everything you need. You may want a second list of ‘extras’ you would like to have.

After you fill in this form you’ll have a lot of limo insurance quotes to compare. Check them carefully and be sure they fit your lists. You can make your decision from these and be relax. You’ll know you have the cover you need.

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