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Whether you are looking to renew a non-standard property insurance policy or take out a new one, a specialist comparison can help you find the right deal. is an insurance comparison service exclusively for business insurance products. It can help you compare quotes from leading insurers quickly and easily, so you can secure a great insurance package that best serves the needs of your non-standard property.

What is non-standard property insurance?

Any kind of property where there is an unusual element of risk might be classed as a non-standard property. Every building is unique, so there will always be some differences, but generally, insurers will group houses, flats and commercial properties together. This allows them to offer standardised insurance policies for the majority of customers. Sometimes those differences between properties are quite marked, making the property a non-standard dwelling or premises. For example, a property with a thatched roof, or lacking a fire escape, or located on the top of a crumbling cliff, all present different levels of risk when they are compared with a standard dwelling. Other examples of non-standard properties include:

  • Homes affected by subsidence
  • Properties in flood zones
  • Listed buildings with repair restrictions

Just because a building has more risk attached to it, doesn’t mean you can’t get good insurance for it. You just need to secure a non-standard property insurance policy that accounts for your individual situation – and the quirks of your building. Many leading insurers offer this.

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Use the online compare checker to bring up suitable policies. It can compare by premium price and also by policy content, so you can find a deal that is both affordable and practical. Protect your assets with comprehensive insurance cover from a trusted provider, sourced through The service is suitable for all manner of properties, from holiday homes to offices and shops. Any non-standard premises can be included on a personalised policy, with your own needs accounted for. See for yourself: start your search right now.

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